Lim Heng Swee from Malaysia, and the man behind, brings us 
doodle everyday!

check out his webesite, there's more where this came from!
It's been a long time coming, but here is how to create my favourite type of berries!
This is also my first attempt at computer based illustration.
See this post for the finished result.

For the locals: Stacks of Wax in Newtown was where I purchased everything I needed.
There are two problems with cupcakes; they need to look perfectly pretty and they can be pretty darn difficult to make that way.

By removing the otherwise disastrous cupcake from the patty/pan, squishing into a small glass jar, and layering with butter icing, you can turn a disaster baking experience into a lovely cupcake in a jar!

These treats can also double as an excellent picnic  parcel. 

Caution: icing to cupcake ratio can be particularly
lopsided, which results in a highly delicious but 
super rich treat.

These photographs of ink mixing with water by Alberto Sevaso were brought to my attention and left me staring for minutes.
and they can be downloaded as free desktop wallpapers here. Bonus!
Teacups can be useful for more than just drinking tea. 
At my local Vinnies I found three in the one dollar bin! 
Here is what I did with them.
- What exactly are boozy strawberries? how to create the perfect summer dessert.
- How to: teacup candle.
- What to do when cupcakes go wrong.

© Imogen Diks
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Saturday was rocking with my sisters.

a lamp.



For christmas one of the presents my husband received from me was the remains of his treasured childhood figurines...stuck to a lamp.
Regardless, he was happy with the results.
All this took was a lamp, a hot glue gun and gold spray paint.

It was the first in the Diks' household, and I got carried away.
Themed wrapping was just the beginning.

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